Compelling Calgarians

My friend and recent documentary subject – Jennifer Gardiner was picked as one of  2014’s Compelling Calgarian’s by the Calgary Herald. Jennifer who is an inspiration to all of us, has cancer but continues to defy the odds by not letting cancer control her life. She is truly an amazing person and a great friend, that I am so happy to have not only met, but happy to have had the chance to follow her around with a camera for 3 months – learning about her life.

The documentary – Jen Unplugged – raised over $25,000 for cancer research, and in 2014 Jennifer plans to write a book and use the film to raise awareness about colon cancer, and to raise over $10 million dollars to support Colon Cancer research.

Here is what Jennifer had to say about her award:

To say I’m honoured to be included in a group of such inspirational, innovative and true-to-the-bone Calgarians is indeed an understatement. I’m overly grateful to be given the opportunity to get the good word out further. The pic of Jake Veasey with the hippo drawfs anything I could ever some up with, BTW. Haza!

There are a bazillion thanks to many for making this a possibility, but the two on the forefront are Judy Gabriel / Hotbizmedia Inc. and Kim Flanagan. Kim’s vision some time back – I seem to remember a conversion over a Dior lipstick and a hospital bed – inspired the talented and beautiful Judy G to make this documentary from her heart and soul. Their passion continues to run through my veins, and will till it does no more. 

Life is always sweet, no matter how it’s doled out. Be it, celebrate it, eat it all up. We never know if this will be a last day on earth…but, by God, make it a fabulous one xox

To read the Calgary Herald article – please click on the link below and thank you for reading my blog.