Use Personalized Videos To Get Top Paying Clients

Break away from the competition by using a PERSONALIZED SALES VIDEO to close your most important sales opportunities. Learn how you can use this specific sales process to land that once-in-lifetime client. Sign up below to learn how today!

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Send A Personalized Video

A personalized video is an effective way to reach out to and engage with your donors. Rather than generic content, we will help you make a customized video specifically for your top 50 clients or donors.  You can use a this approach for various sales or fundraising purposes including 

  • Recognition of a key client /donor
  • Sales presentation (or case for support)
  • Set up a discovery meeting
  •  Recruit staff or board member

How It Works

Connect with our video personalization team to identify your goals, and select top 20 - 100 of your best prospects.

We will script and shoot a personal message for each of your prospects based on what you want from them 

We will take those videos along with b-roll, existing videos or new video we create and put together 20 - 100 personalized videos for you

We will automate the sending of each video via email so that you client gets a personal video from you and then we will track to see if they open it.

"You can just imagine how special your clients will feel when they hear their name on a professional video made just for them. What's more, they will watch the whole video knowing that this content is especially about them."


Get A Meeting With Your Top Prospects & Close High Ticket Clients  With Personalized Video

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