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Welcome to Hotbizmedia – we specialize in creating stories that captivate hearts and inspire people into action.

Attract. Inspire. Mobilize

We Help Organizations, Entrepreneurs, Non-profits Tell Their Story To  Attract  Inspire and Mobilize To Take Action.


Judy Gabriel has over 20 years of experience in video and documentary production. Judy is a natural story-teller who has produced shows for several major networks including: Citytv, CTV, Shaw/Global, W Network, Bravo, and Biography Television. Judy will help your firm produce television quality video to help you expand your market share and keep your customers engaged and intrigued in your offers...

Tell your story....

Every brand has a story to tell. Your customers are interested in learning more about what makes your company tick.  They don't want just the features and services you provide, but they want to connect with you - they need to trust you. And nothing builds your brand more than a story about you - why you exist - what drives you and why. 

I created Hotbizmedia - to help more organizations tell their story!

Video builds awareness...

The jury is out -- customers are 74% more likely to buy if there is a video on the landing page than if there wasn't video. Video is multi-sensory - and vision is the most dominant sense. This means that video has a major impact on how prospective customers connect and engage with your brand. 

Video builds immediate trust and connection with your customers. Trust -- is a solid foundation for establishing long term relationships with loyal customers.

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